Originating from northern India, fire bowls are used as large cooking pots at festivals and weddings, as well as for general day to day cooking.

The tried and tested design has not changed for centuries with riveted plates formed into a bowl shape and fitted with strong carrying handles.

Both our original Indian fire bowls and recycled fire bowls are perfect for barbeques and as a fire pit in the cooler months.

All of our fire bowls come complete with a low stand and grill, but you can also buy cooking accessories and even a glass top to convert your bowl into a table!

Three easy steps to lighting your fire bowl

Step One

First, place your fire bowl on a level surface.

Step Two

Cover the bottom evenly with 5cm to 10cm of sharp sand (do not use beach sand as this contains salt). Using sand has a number of benefits:

Step Three – Now, you are ready to light it!

Lit Indian Fire Pit

Using your fire bowl as a fire pit

Using a quarter of a bag with firewood, newspaper and several firefighters, form a pyramid shape and light.

Gradually add larger pieces of dry wood or smokeless coals.

Light the fire pit at least two hours before you are going to use it, this makes sure it’s nice and hot.  

Barbeque on Indian Fire Bowl

Using your fire bowl as a barbecue

Make a pyramid using the charcoal and place a firelighter in the middle. Light and wait until the charcoal is grey/white in colour.

You may like to add an iron tripod, skillet, cooking bowl or stone griddle plate to your fire bowl!

When you have finished cooking you can lift off the grills with the tongs provided and add small pieces of wood to get the fire going.

It might smoke a little until the flames take hold, just add more wood, the dryer the better, and enjoy!

After use, we recommend you clean the grills with a wire brush and hot soapy water, dry with a cloth and store in a dry place.

Why use smokeless coals?

Smokeless coals will emit a lot of heat for up to five hours without any smoke. So, you can sit around it without having to worry which way the wind is blowing.  For a fire bowl that is approx. 80-90cm, one bag should give you 2-3 evenings worth of heat from 8pm to midnight.

Top Tip: When the ash bed has built up or if it is damp and you want to light your fire bowl, scoop out the ash and any dirty/wet sand and replace with some fresh dry sand on top. Place your charcoal or wood on top of the sand and light in the normal way.

How should I care for my fire bowl?

Over time, your fire bowl will take on a natural rust finish; this is part of the character of the bowl. To keep your fire bowl in good condition for years to come, we recommend you:

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