Product Categories

Our reclamation yard has been supplying most product categories of reclaimed building materials all over the country for many years. We can now offer an online version of our reclamation yard. Here you can buy reclaimed building materials online and arrange delivery straight to your home or site.

Product categories covering Home, Garden and Building Materials

Product categories from reclaimed handmade bricks, to reclaimed scaffold boards, and salvaged wall copings to antique garden features. We have a massive amount of stock for all your garden and landscaping needs. Watling Reclamation is also well known in the area for supplying original antique fire bowls and recycled Indian fire pits. We can now offer nationwide delivery on these. Our unique range of handmade and sustainable interior gifts are available online and in our showroom. Drop by to see the range of reclaimed materials and products on offer.

Watling Reclamation not only supplies reclaimed building and architectural materials, we also use them ourselves. In rebuilding the premises, the majority of materials have come from our own stock. Also, if we didn’t have it, we’d ensure that, where possible, we sourced reclaimed or sustainable items.

If you need any help you can have a look at our guide to using the Watling Reclamation website. Or call us on 01327 811888.