Bullnose Bricks

Bullnose Bricks come in many different styles. They have at least one rounded corner or face and are used to soften the corners of openings to doorways and windows. They can also be used on corners of buildings and pillars, as wall copings, to create steps, edgings and window sills.

Our single bullnose bricks have a curve at one end whilst our double bullnose bricks are rounded at both ends with a 50mm radius. We also stock blue bricks with a tight radius; the edge is less rounded than our standard bullnose and has a 25mm radius.

We stock both new semi-glazed, and blue, red and buff reclaimed bricks. Our reclaimed bullnose bricks are perfect for patching up existing brickwork or creating a more rustic look. Our concession bricks may have slight imperfections or cracks to the glazing. This does not affect the integrity of the brick but allows us to purchase and sell them on at half the RRP as new.

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