Cant, Squint & Sill Bricks

reclaimed blue cant bricks used as a window sill

Reclaimed blue cant and squint bricks add character to brickwork

We stock new and reclaimed Cant, Squint & Sill Bricks in various sizes and configurations. Cant and squint bricks create angles in brickwork. Sill bricks are specially designed for brick window sills.

Cant bricks have one (Single Cant AN.5.2) or two (Double Cant AN.6.2) angled corners. They create returns and blunted corners around windows, doorways and arches or for a stepped feature effect in brickwork. Cants create effective window sills and double cants appear as brick copings on top of walls.

Squint bricks have variously angled ends (usually 45° but also 30° and 60°) and change the direction of walls. Laid in the ground, they create a zigzag style path edging.

Specially shaped Sill bricks create windowsills that include a built-in drip mould underneath (a groove cut into the underside of the brick to dispel water).

In our extensive range of Brick Specials, including cant, squint and sill bricks, we carry both new (class A and concessions) and reclaimed bricks.

Concessions are fully compliant with building regulations and sold as seconds due to minor aesthetic imperfections, allowing us to offer them to customers at large discounts. Moreover, these fit seamlessly in hidden nooks and with different aesthetic decor.

We also have new, handmade brick specials, including Calf Nose Bricks. Created in traditional moulds, they match the aesthetic of reclaimed bricks. Consequently, they are reliably available in larger quantities. They are frost-proof and made with authentic colouration and a distressed face for a convincing reclaimed look.

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