Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are highly durable and resistant to frost and rain. Fired at a higher temperature than normal bricks, they can be used below damp proof courses (DPCs), in a soldier course to cap walls, as paving, or to add colour and features to brickwork.

Wall constructed from Blue and Blue Brindle Multi Solid Engineering Bricks

Wall constructed from Staffordshire blue and blue/brindle multi engineering bricks

Our new Class A bricks are made in the UK and have both high compressive strength and low porosity.

We also stock reclaimed imperial Staffordshire blue bricks. Clean reclaimed engineering bricks are hard to come by as the stronger mortar used for laying them often means they are too damaged by demolition for reuse. We are always pleased to have batches in stock with all the character coming from years of use but clean enough for relaying today.

Blue bricks are made by firing clay at over 1200 degrees to produce incredibly strong bricks that can be used for civil engineering and groundworks. It is this high temperature firing that gives them their colour. Our bricks are still made in one of the original Staffordshire brickworks. Blue clay has been quarried in Staffordshire since the 17th century and British engineering bricks line canals and railways throughout the UK.

As well as the Class A Staffordshire blue engineering bricks, we often have Class A blue multi bricks, which differ only in their variable colour (which can range from steel blue through brindle to brown) and a lower price. They can be used interchangeably, or combined, with blue bricks for more variety and visual interest.

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