Pier Caps

We stock a large range of natural stone and reconstituted pier caps, generally in pairs. In addition, all are available for delivery anywhere in the UK.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with the distinctive charm of our reclaimed pier caps. Watling Reclamation offers a curated selection of these unique architectural elements that add character and history to your landscaping projects.

Our reclaimed pier caps are sourced from a variety of historic structures, ensuring each piece tells a unique story. Moreover, these caps, once part of grand structures, are carefully salvaged to bring a touch of timeless elegance to your property. Choose these reclaimed items to add a sense of heritage to your design and reflects a commitment to sustainability. Additionally, repurposing these architectural gems contributes to the preservation of historical elements and reduce the demand for new materials.

Pier caps enhance the entrance to your driveway or garden path and help complete a wall.  Our collection offers diverse styles and materials to suit your aesthetic preferences for these projects. From classic stone caps to ornate designs, each cap is a testament to craftsmanship and enduring style.

At Watling Reclamation, we prioritize quality, ensuring that each reclaimed pier cap undergoes inspection and, if necessary, restoration. These reclaimed pier caps transform your outdoor spaces with their character and beauty. Moreover, these time-tested elements add a touch of history to your contemporary landscape. Explore our collection today and make a sustainable statement with these unique architectural accents.


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