Ridge Tiles

We have over 80 shapes, colours and styles of reclaimed roof ridge tiles in stock in our yard in different materials, colours, styles and sizes, including red and blue clay half-round, hogs back, triangular, roll top and crested ridges in various styles including plain crested, two- and three-hole, club and spike crested.

Reclaimed clay roof ridge tiles

We have a large variety of types and sizes of reclaimed ridge tiles.

While you are welcome to browse the available options below, they represent only a small part of the stock of reclaimed ridges that are in our yard.

Ridges vary enormously in style, colour and most importantly ridge angle (the angle at the top as opposed to the pitch, the angle at the bott0m of the roof. See our Roof Ridge Tile Enquiry form for clarification on this). So, even if you can’t see what you’re looking for straight away, it is definitely worth sending us an enquiry as we may well have something that will suit your needs.

To simplify the enquiry process, we invite you to submit our Roof Ridge Tile Enquiry form, which captures all the information we need to be able to respond to your enquiry efficiently.

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