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Gardens and outdoor spaces are becoming ever more important to us as sanctuaries for rest and relaxation, while entrances, gates and drives give visitors their key first impression of our home. With this in mind, we believe these outdoor areas of your home deserve the same care and attention to detail in design as the inside. Finding just the right garden features for your personal outdoor area is a delight all gardeners are familiar with!

Garden features at Watling Reclamation

Finding just the right feature for your garden is a joy!

From gates and railings through garden features, pots and statuary to outdoor heating, fire bowls and lighting, we have an extensive range of reclaimed and new products to help you create unique and inviting outdoor spaces for your property.

As with building materials, when it comes to the garden and outdoors,  reclaimed materials are an ecologically sound and aesthetically pleasing choice. Reclaimed brick, stone, clay, metal and timber have a character and charm that that only comes with age. Their aged patina blends perfectly with both planting and any hard landscaping using natural materials. You’ll find many beautiful, reclaimed stone troughs and sinks in our yard along with a variety of antique urns and other reclaimed garden features.

But since you can’t always find reclaimed or antique examples of what you may need, we also stock new and contemporary garden features and products from companies who value tradition, quality and craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for handmade terracotta clay pots, garden furniture or modern and Georgian style zinc planters, we have a range of options to choose from.

As always, please get in touch if you need larger quantities than are shown in stock — we may be able to source additional quantities for you.

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