Indian Fire Bowls

Our original, antique Indian fire bowls have been sourced from around India and can be up to 100 years old. Whether being used to warm you up once the sun goes down or simply as a decorative feature, an antique fire bowl also makes a quirky alternative to a barbecue for outdoor cooking. We’ve made sure our grills only have small gaps between the rods so you won’t lose your sausages!

Antique Indian Fire Bowls

A large fire bowl makes a statement piece for outdoor heating

Most of our Indian fire bowls are made of iron with 22.5cm high iron stands. They are supplied with a grill made of 8mm rods and are available in diameters ranging from 70cm – 170cm. Our larger fire bowls are perfect for gathering friends and family as the nights get cooler.

These exceptional quality fire bowls are the same in build as the branded Kadai bowls but without the label and price tag. They will bring joy and good times for years and years, delighting all generations throughout the seasons.

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