Stone Troughs

Our extensive range of reclaimed stone troughs are made of Yorkstone, gritstone and ironstone. These troughs are hand-carved and up to 200 years old, reclaimed from across the UK and Europe. Furthermore, these troughs bring with them their own unique history, written in their patina and time-worn edges.

Stone Troughs

Stone troughs make lovely rustic planters and water features

These stone troughs make stunning, rustic planters or can be used as sinks in bathrooms, kitchens, and boot rooms. Moreover, these troughs create a natural, earthy effect to fit seamlessly with your interior decor. Customers smooth out and polish the inside to create a nature-inspired bathroom sink. They also turn them into stylish dog and boot washes!

Surround your patio with troughs as planters to display a wide selection of foliage and small trees. This breaks the eyeline to make large areas smaller and small areas appear larger.

With their robust and durable nature, stone troughs make for excellent and long-lasting water features. Furthermore, available in a range of sizes, the troughs fit effortlessly into any outside space. Moreover, they bring a sense of calm and tranquility as water burbles over the surfaces. For maximum effect, build a water feature using a number of stone troughs in a cascade arrangement to create visual impact.

We also have reclaimed troughs and tanks made from other materials including cast iron, galvanised metal and reconstituted stone. With such a wide range we’re certain there is a reclaimed trough to suit your projects.

We deliver our troughs anywhere in the UK. Contact the sales office with your delivery requirements.

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