Hard Landscaping

When it comes to hard landscaping — like paving for drives, pathways, patios and terraces — quality and longevity of materials are key. These areas form the structure of your outdoor space so you want to know that they are going to continue to last and look good for years to come. We feel natural materials only improve with time so they are our first choice for any hard landscaping.

A variety of hard landscaping including flagstones, cobbles, paving bricks and kerbs

Imaginative hard landscaping adds interest and variety to outdoor spaces: flagstone, cobbles, paving bricks & kerbs

Hard landscaping projects also tend to involve significant investment in time and money and disruption so getting it right first time makes sense. Take into account how the area will be used and the sort of traffic it will need to withstand before deciding on what materials to use.

Stone cobbles and setts are one of the oldest forms of paving, dating back to antiquity. As natural stone, they are still some of the most the most hard-wearing and heavy duty of paving surfaces and are well suited for even the most high traffic areas today such as driveways and turning circles.

If you prefer a more regular paved surface, we stock a variety of reclaimed paving blocks and bricks including Victorian Staffordshire blue stable pavers, diamond pavers, and smooth pavers. We also have new, handmade paving bricks that mimic the appearance of reclaimed bricks but are frost-proof and designed to be laid as paving

For hard landscaping of outdoor rooms like patios and terraces, we offer a range of options from reclaimed flagstones — including beautiful Yorkstone flags — to new paving slabs in natural limestone and sandstone as well as low maintenance manufactured porcelain.

Don’t forget the details like steps, wall copings, kerbs, edging, and drainage. All can be created from reclaimed and new products available in our yard.

Please get in touch if you need larger quantities than are shown in stock — we may be able to source additional quantities for you.

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