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Reclaimed cobbles paving

Cobbles and setts are among the oldest forms of paving

Stone cobbles and setts are one of the oldest forms of paving, dating back to antiquity. As natural stone, they are still some of the most the most hard-wearing and heavy duty of paving surfaces and are well suited for even the most high traffic areas today.

Cobbles have a rectangular or oblong surface, while setts have a square surface.

Cobbles and setts are ideal for driveways, turning circles, courtyards, entrance aprons or anywhere where traffic might damage softer surfaces. They can also be used for drainage or laid decoratively in three- or five-band cobbled borders. On steep slopes, they provide added grip for vehicles and pedestrians.

Reclaimed cobbles have well-weathered and attractively rounded tops that have been worn smooth by centuries of wear from iron-shod horses, iron cartwheels and hobnail boots. They are usually available in mixed colour blends, which are a result of the historical practice of sourcing small batches from many quarries across the country and laying them together. This approach dovetails neatly with our modern practice of reclaiming and reusing materials from diverse sources.

We stock a large range of reclaimed cobbles and setts in York stone, gritstone, granite and limestone.

Our range also includes new limestone, sandstone and granite options, alongside new granite setts. New granite setts feature many of the same benefits as cobbles but the overall look is more angular and not as soft and rounded as the worn and reclaimed stones. New Indian stone cobbles and setts vary widely in colours and sizes and are so more suitable for foot traffic only unless they are laid on a bed of concrete.

Please get in touch if you need larger quantities than are shown in stock — we may be able to source additional quantities for you.

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