Victorian Paving Bricks

We have an excellent supply of a wide variety of reclaimed blue Victorian stable pavers and bricks.

Victorian and Edwardian properties, built between 1850 and 1910 often used blue brick pavers for pathways and back yards. These could be smooth pavers, diamond pavers or stable types with 2, 4, 6 or 8 chocolate bar style squares. Stable bar pavers are heavy-duty so suitable for use on driveways, and their texture means they are non-slip so are also often used in stable yards and courtyards.

These paving bricks were typically made in the Staffordshire brickworks and their blue colour is due to their high firing temperature. They were transported all over the country using the canal networks.

All blue Victorian stable pavers are non-slip, therefore useful in shady or north-facing areas. As long as the joints are not liquid cement grouted they won’t attract algae or moss. Blue pavers that are over 65mm thick can be used in driveways or parking areas and are resistant to oil spills.

We also stock new blue diamond pavers in large quantities.

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