Yorkstone Flagstones

Classic Yorkstone flagstones (or York stone flags) are a perennial favourite for paving projects due to their durability and attractive surface that only improves with time and weathering.

Reclaimed buff Yorkstone flags laid as a path

Reclaimed buff Yorkstone flags laid as a path

Yorkstone is one of the most the most hard-wearing and heavy duty of stone paving surfaces so is well suited for even the most high traffic areas today including driveways. Reclaimed flags have often been worn smooth by centuries of wear from iron-shod horses, iron cartwheels and hobnail boots, and have a weathered surface that is uniquely and instantly recognisable.

As well as drives and paths, York stone flags with a naturally riven surface can be laid for rustic and traditional style patios and terraces, while sawn-edge flagstones provide the same hard-wearing benefits but with a more regular and modern surface.

Depending on availability, we stock a range of reclaimed York stone flags including riven and sawn surfaces with hand fettled or square sawn edges. We try to keep Cathedral (grade A), Mill (grade B) and Patio Mix (grade C) reclaimed flagstones in stock. Most of our Yorkstone flagstones are generally sold in full pallets, but we also try to have a few open pallets for customers needing smaller quantities.

If you prefer new to reclaimed, we also stock some new English buff Yorkstone flags straight from the quarry and can source more if required.

If you’re planning a large paving project and need larger quantities than are shown in stock please do get in touch  — we may be able to source additional quantities for you.

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