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30mm Sunset Buff Sandstone Paving Calibrated & Tumbled

Sunset Buff Sandstone Paving comes in a great selection of subtle yellow with gold, pink and brown hues.  It is an economic alternative to York stone and is suitable for patios and pathways._x000D_n_x000D_nIt features hand-cut edges and an even, yet subtle riven surface. All slabs are tumbled for a smooth edge and calibrated to 30mm thick. Sourced from Rajasthan, India._x000D_n_x000D_nFull Patio Pack = 14.72 Square Metres_x000D_n_x000D_nHalf Patio Pack = 7.36 Square Metres_x000D_n_x000D_nIndividual sizes available to buy separately:_x000D_n_x000D_n600x900mm – £18.15 each inc. vat_x000D_n_x000D_n600x600mm – £12.10 each inc. va

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