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Antique Ashbourne Bricks PALLET £1200 per thousand

Antique Ashbourne (Reclaimed Handmade) bricks pallet : 55-65mm (Supplied per pallet)

Brick Measurement: varies but approximately 215mm L x 100mm W x 57mm H

Pallet Qty 520

(price per thousand £1200)

These beautiful 100+ year old bricks with their irregular sizes and tumbled edges are a popular choice for any build requiring a rustic, well-weathered appearance. The blend is a mix of warm reds, browns and blacks with visible efflorescence of white salts, which gives a pleasantly multi effect when laid.

These beautiful bricks may have a slight variation in colours, widths and lengths due to them being handmade, these features add to their rustic charm.

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Price Each Pallet
SIZE: 215mm L x 100mm W x 57mm H8½” L x 4” W x  2¼” H

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Antique Ashbourne bricks Pallet, renowned for their beauty and versatility, offer a range of applications for various projects.

Brick Measurement: varies but approximately 215mm L x 100mm W x 57mm H

Pallet Qty 520

  • Exterior walls: Transform your home or business with the timeless and stunning appeal of these bricks.
  • Interior walls: Infuse character and charm into your interior spaces by incorporating these exquisite reclaimed bricks.
  • Paving: Create a durable and stylish patio or walkway that stands the test of time using these bricks.
  • Fireplaces: Craft a functional and captivating fireplace that becomes the centerpiece of your living space with these remarkable bricks.

Antique Ashbourne bricks pallet feature a captivating blend of warm reds, browns, and blacks, adding depth and richness to their color palette. This exquisite combination of hues creates a visually appealing and distinctive aesthetic that enhances the overall beauty of these bricks. They have irregular sizes and tumbled edges, which gives them a rustic and well-weathered appearance. In addition to their weathered appearance, Antique Ashbourne Reclaimed Bricks showcase an intriguing characteristic: the visible efflorescence of white salts. This captivating feature not only enhances their unique allure but also adds a multi-effect that further enriches the overall charm and character of these exquisite reclaimed bricks.

Antique Ashbourne Reclaimed Bricks exude an undeniable charm with their weathered appearance and timeless appeal. These bricks, salvaged from old structures, carry the character and patina of years gone by, adding a touch of authenticity and nostalgia to any architectural project.

Choose Antique Ashbourne bricks for a sustainable building option, as they are reclaimed from old buildings. These bricks not only embody sustainability but also carry a rich history that adds a unique character to your construction projects. This helps to reduce waste and conserve resources.

Here are some of the benefits of using reclaimed handmade bricks:

  • Unique character: These reclaimed handmade bricks have a unique and historic character that cannot be replicated with new bricks.
  • Durability: Reclaimed handmade bricks are very durable and can withstand the elements for many years.
  • Sustainability: Reclaimed bricks are a sustainable option, as they help to reduce waste and conserve resources.

If you are in search of a beautiful, versatile, and sustainable building material, look no further than Antique Ashbourne Reclaimed Handmade Bricks. These exquisite bricks offer a perfect choice for your construction needs, combining aesthetics, versatility, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

If you are looking for a unique, stylish, and sustainable way to update your home, consider using reclaimed handmade bricks. These bricks offer a touch of history, character, and durability that cannot be found with new bricks.

These are also available individually here

? You can read our delivery terms and conditions here

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