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Antique French Slate Vine Stakes 80-100cm

Reclaimed slate stakes and slabs. These hand-hewn stone posts and slabs were used in France’s Loire region around Angers (where they were mined) for simple fence posts, steps and even vine support stakes. Re-use these truly reclaimed materials for various landscape and garden features such as rustic edging along pathways.

They come in different sizes, depending on what they’d been used for, so where recommend visiting our yard to choose the slates you require depending on your project. The average width of each stake is 8-10cm. If you require delivery, please be aware that we will not be able to custom pick specific stakes and you will receive those towards the top of the pallet.

For example see the photos of the sea-side property garden boundary “fencing”, where they perfectly match the rustic schist roofing of the old cliff-top cottage.

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Antique French slate vine stakes in Schist: Preserving History, Enhancing Beauty

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of French viticulture with our exquisite collection of antique French slate vine stakes. Carefully reclaimed from the renowned vineyards of the Loire region. These exceptional treasures have a storied past, having stood as steadfast supports for vines in the vicinity of the historic Angers slate mines.

Crafted with precision from schist, a captivating rustic slate, these antique stakes bear witness to the passage of time. For generations, they have weathered the elements in the vineyards, developing a unique patina that reflects their enduring strength and character. Each stake proudly displays the worn marks left by the supporting wires, a testament to its rich history and contribution to the growth of thriving vines.

Spanning typical lengths of 80cm to 100cm, with sections that vary but often measure approximately 8 x 10cm, these antique stakes offer endless possibilities for creative expression. While their primary purpose lies in the rejuvenation of vineyards, their versatility extends far beyond the realm of viticulture. Imagine the striking allure of slender garden walls, expertly crafted using these antique stakes as the foundation. Alternatively, envision a picturesque fence, its boundaries punctuated by intervals of these exquisite stakes connected by delicate wires. For those seeking to add a touch of elegance to pathways or garden borders, laying these stakes horizontally will infuse your outdoor spaces with timeless charm.

Repurpose History

Our collection of French vineyard antique stakes not only celebrates the allure of bygone eras but also provides a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for your landscaping needs. By repurposing these reclaimed stakes, you contribute to the preservation of history while creating a distinctive aesthetic for your surroundings.

Embrace the heritage and beauty of the French vineyards with these remarkable antique stakes. Each piece carries a captivating story, waiting to be told in your garden, vineyard, or outdoor sanctuary. Transform your space into a testament to timeless elegance and pay homage to the enduring spirit of French viticulture.

Antique French Slate Vine Stakes 80-100cm long x various widths and depths. Perfect for fencing, path edging and plant supports

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