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Blue Brindle Multi Solid Engineering 65mm Brick (Seconds-Pallet)

65mm Blue Brindle Multi Solid Smooth Engineering Bricks (Seconds)

Brick measurements: 215mm x 100mm x 65mm

Pallet- Quantity 400 bricks, 1360kg

Pricing- £384/pallet inc. VAT (£960/1000 bricks)

These are Seconds bricks in a blend of classic Staffordshire blue with brown and brindle for adding variety and interest to decorative brickwork. The colour variations are random in the blend. (Apologies, but we cannot cherry-pick orders for colour matching on blend bricks.)

Seconds quality engineering bricks have a variety of imperfections including cracks, misshapes etc, and as such are suitable only for decorative brickwork such as garden paths etc. They still maintain many of the Class A qualities such as water absorption less than 4.5% and are highly frost resistant.

Typically engineering bricks are used to add colour or design to walls, or below the damp course (DPC).

£384.00 Excl. VAT (inc VAT)£320.00 (exc VAT)

UK wide next day delivery available
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Unearth the Versatility of Blue Brindle Multi Solid Engineering 65mm Brick

When it comes to building, the quality and type of bricks you use are paramount to ensure the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your project. Blue Brindle Multi Solid Engineering 65mm Brick Seconds Quality is a versatile building material that offers numerous uses and benefits. Explore the applications and advantages of using these bricks in your construction projects.

Versatile Aesthetic Appeal

Blue Brindle Multi Solid Engineering bricks are known for their unique and attractive blue-grey colour. They lend a distinct character and visual appeal to a wide range of construction projects, from residential to commercial. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional or contemporary look, these bricks can help you achieve the desired aesthetic.

Durable and Strong

Seconds quality bricks are those that may have minor imperfections, but they are still structurally sound and reliable. Blue Brindle Multi Solid Engineering 65mm Brick Seconds Quality, despite any minor flaws, maintains its robustness and durability. They can withstand the test of time, ensuring your project’s longevity.

Variety of Uses

These bricks are incredibly versatile and can be employed in various construction applications, including:

  • Garden Features: Whether you’re building a retaining wall, a garden path, or creating decorative garden features, these bricks can add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.
  • Indoor Projects: These bricks can be used for creating accent walls, fireplaces, and other interior design elements, adding character and warmth to your indoor spaces.
  • Paving: Create beautiful and durable driveways, walkways, or patios with these bricks, thanks to their strength and eye-catching appearance.
  • Cost-Effective Option

Seconds quality bricks are often more affordable than their first-quality counterparts. This cost-effectiveness can make a significant difference in your project’s budget without sacrificing quality or aesthetic appeal.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Using seconds quality bricks can be an eco-conscious choice. By repurposing bricks that may have slight imperfections, you are reducing waste and promoting sustainability in the construction industry.

Blue Brindle Multi Solid Engineering 65mm Brick Seconds Quality is a valuable building material that offers a wide range of uses in construction projects. These bricks are not only durable and cost-effective but also provide a unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Their versatility makes them suitable for various applications, both indoors and outdoors. By choosing seconds quality bricks, you can build with confidence, knowing that you’re making an environmentally friendly and budget-friendly choice for your construction needs.


Blue / Brindle Multi Solid Engineering 65 Brick (Seconds- contain cracks and imperfections)

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