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Diana and Apollo Stone Statues

These classically inspired pair of statues measure 1.4 metres high, and look absolutely stunning positioned together.

Apollo is the Olympian god of light, music and poetry and his twin sister Diana, is the goddess of the countryside and hunters.

These classic, elegant statues are made in France by a company that has an excellent reputation for their skillful production of reconstituted stone products. Each item is treated to give them an aged and patinated look that closely resembles antique products. We are delighted to stock a beautiful selection of their statuary and vases.

The stone is adorned with a stunning patina finish that adds an air of timeless beauty. Its weathered look gives an aura of sophistication, while its frost-proof construction ensures its resilience against the harshest of winters, making a perfect addition to any outdoor space.

Each stone statue measures approximately 105cm tall and stands on an approximately 34cm x 34cm base.

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The Pair
SIZE: Approx. 140cm Tall

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These Diana and Apollo stone statues are two prominent figures from ancient mythology, often depicted in the form of statues.

Diana and Apollo

Diana, also known as Artemis in Greek mythology, is the goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and the moon in Roman mythology. Apollo, on the other hand, is the god of music, poetry, prophecy, and healing in both Greek and Roman mythology. Despite their shared prominence, there are notable differences in their portrayals.

Diana is depicted as a young and beautiful huntress with a bow and arrow. Apollo is often shown as a youthful and handsome man with long hair and a lyre. Diana’s domain lies in the protection of wildlife and the natural world, while Apollo is revered for his association with the sun, light, and knowledge.

Additionally, Diana is recognized as the goddess of childbirth and women’s fertility, setting her apart from Apollo. Statues of Diana often capture her gracefulness, often accompanied by a stag or hunting dog, symbolizing her affinity for the hunt and the wild.

In contrast, statues of Apollo emphasize his physical beauty and artistic talents. Archery is frequently highlighted in his depictions, showcasing his mastery of the bow and arrow. Furthermore, his role as the god of music and poetry enhances his artistic appeal and cultural significance.

Both Diana and Apollo have inspired numerous artists throughout history. Replicas and interpretations of their statues can be found worldwide in museums, galleries, and public spaces, celebrating their enduring mythological legacy and inspiring awe in viewers.

Reconstituted stone

It is worth noting that these classic and elegant Diana and Apollo stone statues. They are produced by a renowned French company and boast exceptional craftsmanship. These reconstituted stone products are meticulously treated to impart an aged and patinated look, reminiscent of antique creations. We take great pride in offering a stunning selection of their statuary and vases, providing a glimpse into the timeless allure of these mythical deities.

Each stone statue measures approximately 105cm tall and stands on an approximately 34cm x 34cm base.

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