Nexus ProJoint Fusion Compound 15KG

Nexus ProJoint Fusion Compound

The all weather paving joint compound

The quick and easy solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for natural stone and concrete paving.


Basalt, Grey, Neutral

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Nexus ProJoint Fusion Compound

The all weather Projoint paving joint compound

The quick and easy solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for natural stone and concrete paving. Simple to use, Nexus ProJoint Fusion Compound allows an untrained hand to consistently deliver perfect joints every time – whatever the weather!

High-performance jointing compound for use in paving applications. It is a polymer-modified, cementitious compound that is designed to provide a durable, water-resistant seal between paving stones also easy to apply and can be used in a variety of paving applications, including driveways, patios, and walkways. In addition available in a variety of colors to match your paving stones.

It delivers a weed free, frost resistant joint, without staining the paving – saving you time and money.  The compound is supplied in two vacuum-packed pouches within the tub.

There are many reasons why you should use a paving compound and here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Prevents water damage. Paving compound helps to keep water from pooling between the paving stones, also prevents water damage to the stones themselves, as well as to the underlying soil and foundation.
  • Reduces weed growth. Water that pools between paving stones can create an ideal environment for weeds to grow. Paving compound helps to prevent this by creating a barrier between the stones and the water.
  • Improves drainage. Paving compound helps to improve drainage by allowing water to flow freely through the joints between the stones. This helps to prevent water from pooling and causing damage.
  • Increases durability. Paving compound helps to increase the durability of your paving by providing a strong, water-resistant seal between the stones, and this can help to prevent the stones from shifting or cracking.
  • Improves appearance. Paving compound can help to improve the appearance of your paving by filling in the gaps between the stones and creating a smooth, uniform surface.

Order your Nexus ProJoint Fusion Compound today and keep your paving looking its best for years to come.

It is available in a choice of colours: neutral (buff), mid grey and basalt.

Suitable for Sandstone, Limestone, Concrete and other natural stone (not porcelain)


Joint Size (w x d) 600 x 600 slabs Patio pack 100 x 100 setts
5mm x 25mm 20m² 17.2m² 3.33m²
10mm x 25mm 10m² 8.6m² 1.67m²
15mm x 25mm 6.67m² 5.7m² 1.11m²



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