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Reclaimed Large Weathered Stone Trough

Reclaimed, Large Weathered Stone Trough/Planter with Drain – Measuring: 66″ L x 34″ W x 14″h

This rustic, weathered stone trough is hand carved and the chisel marks are clearly visible. The attractive aged patina and depth of this trough, complete with drain, would make it a striking planter in a country garden or rural setting.

Traditionally, old stone troughs are used to hold animal feed or water for livestock or horses, and these beautiful reclaimed items are often used as planters, water features or garden ornaments.

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SIZE: 168cm L x 87cm W x 36cm H66" L x 34" W x 14"h

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The exquisite Reclaimed Large Weathered Stone Trough/Planter, measuring 66 inches in length, 34 inches in width, and 14 inches in height.

A Timeless Beauty

Hand-carved with clearly visible chisel marks, this rustic, weathered stone trough boasts an attractive aged patina and depth. Its charming design, complete with a drain, makes it an ideal planter for country gardens and rural settings. Craftsmanship reflects a bygone era, adding authenticity and historical charm to your outdoor space.

Embrace History and Functionality

This trough carries a rich heritage as a utilitarian vessel used to hold animal feed or water for livestock and horses. The echoes of its past resonate through the ages, creating a connection to simpler times when agriculture and nature were intricately intertwined. Today, these reclaimed stone troughs have found a new purpose as sought-after garden features, providing a delightful blend of history and functionality to your landscape.

Versatile Garden Delights

The beauty of these reclaimed stone troughs lies in their versatility. As planters, they offer a nurturing home for your favorite flowers and plants, cradling their roots with rustic elegance. The weathered exterior adds character and depth, making them a unique and eye-catching addition to your garden or patio. Additionally, these troughs can be transformed into captivating water features, bringing the soothing sound of flowing water to your outdoor oasis. Relax in your garden, transported to a simpler time when nature and craftsmanship united in functional beauty.

Preserve the Past, Enliven the Present

Embrace history’s charm, adding rural elegance to your landscape with our Reclaimed Large Weathered Stone Trough/Planter. This captivating piece serves as a focal point and sparks conversations about the past, fostering appreciation for craftsmanship. It encourages you to savor nature’s beauty, recalling the simplicity and grace of bygone daily life.

Transform Your Garden

Infuse your outdoor sanctuary with the enduring charm of this reclaimed stone trough. Explore the possibilities and transform your garden with the authenticity of history and the allure of rustic aesthetics. Own a piece of the past, creating cherished memories amidst the weathered embrace of this Reclaimed Stone Trough/Planter.

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