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Reclaimed Stone Trough (Vegetable Washer)

Reclaimed Stone Trough (Vegetable Washer) – Measuring: 42″W x 29″D x 21½”H

A rare and unusual antique stone trough. Traditionally, this would have been used to wash and prepare vegetables, and the undercut side allowed a person to sit at the trough comfortably.

This attractive, weathered stone trough would make a striking water feature or planter.

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SIZE: 107cmW x 74cmD x 55cmH42"W x 29"D x 21½"H

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Reclaimed Stone Trough (Vegetable Washer). Measuring 42 inches in width, 29 inches in depth, and standing at a height of 21½ inches, this is an extraordinary piece of history.

Steeped in tradition and functionality, this stone trough has a rich heritage as a vessel for washing and preparing vegetables. Designed for practicality, its undercut side enables comfortable sitting while tending to culinary tasks. In generations past, this trough was the focal point for cleaning harvests and nurturing family gatherings.

Its distinctive weathered appearance sets this reclaimed stone trough apart, imbuing it with a time-worn charm and character. The years of exposure to the elements and human touch have given it a unique patina, unattainable by any other means. Each groove and groove carries a story, making this antique not only a functional piece but a piece of art that tells tales of the past.

As you ponder its history and purpose, consider the diverse range of possibilities for this captivating stone trough in the present day. With its eye-catching appearance, it seamlessly becomes an elegant water feature, infusing your outdoor space with rustic allure. Imagine the soothing sound of trickling water echoing through your surroundings, inviting moments of relaxation and contemplation.

Uses for this stone tough

Alternatively, you can breathe new life into your plants and flowers by using this unique find as a planter. Nestled in the trough’s weathered embrace, your greenery complements its beauty and adds historical intrigue to your garden or patio.

Our Reclaimed Stone Trough (Vegetable Washer) is more than just an antique; it is a testament to craftsmanship, history, and the passage of time. Preserve its heritage by restoring its original purpose or reinvent it as a stunning water feature or planter. This stone trough becomes the captivating centerpiece of conversation and admiration in any setting.

Join us in embracing the beauty and significance of this rare piece. Own a part of history and let its story continue in your home, garden, or outdoor sanctuary. Experience the captivating allure of this Reclaimed Stone Trough and indulge in the richness of the past.

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