Reclaimed White Belfast Ceramic Sinks – Various Sizes

We have a number of reclaimed white ceramic Belfast sinks available in various sizes and conditions.

These can be reused in kitchens, utility rooms, art studios, boot rooms and we’ve even had customers use them as fantastic dog washes!

  • Medium – £48.00
  • Large  – £60.00
  • Extra Large – £150.00

Measurements and the condition of the sinks do vary, so please use the enquiry form below, and our team can send you individual photos and details of each sink.

🚚 You can read our delivery terms and conditions here.


Medium, Large, Extra Large

£48.00£150.00 (inc VAT)£40.00 - £125.00 (exc VAT)

Price Each
SIZE: Medium, Large, Extra Large
UK wide delivery on Wednesday
Collect from Watling Reclamation Yard
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