Red Clay Hogs Back Ridge Tiles

These Reclaimed red clay hogs back ridge tiles offer a unique and sustainable roofing solution that combines timeless beauty with environmental consciousness. These tiles carry a rich history and character, having undergone salvage from older structures and re-purposing for new roofing projects.

These red clay hogs back ridge tiles come in the following:

  • 12-18″ 100-115 degree angle

12", 18", 12-18"


80-95 degrees, 100-115 degrees, 120-135 degrees

£12.00 Excl. VAT (inc VAT)£10.00 - £10.00 (exc VAT)

UK wide delivery.
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Red Clay Hogs Back Ridge Tiles are a remarkable roofing accessory that combines functionality with timeless elegance. These ridge tiles feature a unique “hogs back” design, characterized by a gentle curve resembling the shape of a hog’s back. This distinctive design not only adds visual appeal to your roof but also provides practical benefits.

The primary purpose of Red Clay Hogs Back Ridge Tiles is to provide a protective cover for the ridge of your roof, where two sloping roof sections meet. This critical junction is susceptible to weather elements such as rain, snow, and wind. The hogs back design helps to channel water away from the ridge, preventing water penetration and potential damage to the underlying roofing materials.

In addition to their functional advantages, these Ridge Tiles offer a classic and sophisticated aesthetic to your roofing project. The smooth curves and clean lines of these tiles create a sleek and visually pleasing appearance, enhancing the overall beauty of your home or building. The rich red color of the clay adds warmth and character, complementing various architectural styles.


Installing reclaimed ridge tiles is a wonderful way to add personality and history to your roofing project. Skilled roofers ensure watertight seals by securely placing tiles along the ridge line for long-term durability.

By selecting reclaimed red clay hogs back ridge tiles, you embrace both sustainability and a truly one-of-a-kind roofing solution. The tile’s color, texture, and patina enhance your roof’s beauty and uniqueness, leaving a captivating visual impact.

When selecting these Ridge Tiles, you are making a wise investment in both style and durability. These tiles are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and are built to withstand the test of time. Their longevity ensures that your roof will remain beautiful and protected for years to come.

At Watling Reclamation, we offer a wide selection of high-quality Ridge Tiles to meet your roofing needs.

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