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Red Plinth Stretcher 65mm Brick (New Handmade Concessions)

Red Plinth Stretcher 65mm Brick (PL.3.2) New Handmade Concessions

Brick measurement: 210mm L x 100mm W x 65mm H with 23mm upstand

These new (concession) soft red plinth stretcher bricks are handmade in moulds using traditional techniques that replicate the appearance of reclaimed bricks. They are a traditional soft red and have a lovely rustic surface with plenty of character. Because they are handmade, each one is unique and they blend extremely well with reclaimed bricks.

As Concessions, they may have imperfections, slight cracks, and some variability in colour. (Apologies, but we cannot cherry-pick orders for colour matching on concession bricks.)

Plinth bricks — plinth stretchers and plinth headers — are used in single or double courses to change the depth of the brickwork. This can be at the base of buildings or walls for added stability or at any height for aesthetic effect.

Plinth stretchers are also typically used for window sills, in brick pillars and as wall copings. Plinth headers are normally used in conjunction with plinth stretchers, or as windowsills similarly to cant or sill bricks.

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SIZE: 210mm L x 100mm W x 65mm H8¼" L x 4" W x 2½" H

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Plinth Stretcher Red 65 PL.3.2 (New Handmade Concessions)
23mm upstand

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