Soft Red Single Cant Brick 65mm (New Handmade Concessions)

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Soft Red Single Cant Bricks (AN.5.2) Handmade

Brick measurement: 20.5mm L x 100mm W x 65mm H

These new soft red cant bricks are handmade in moulds using traditional techniques that replicate the appearance of reclaimed bricks. They are a traditional soft red and have a lovely rustic surface with plenty of character. Each brick will vary slightly due to the hand making process with the result that they blend perfectly with antique and reclaimed bricks. (We source them from the York Handmade Brick Company.)

New, handmade bricks have the advantages that they are frost-proof and reliably available in larger quantities.

These new (concession) bricks have a high compressive strength, low water absorption and are highly frost resistant. Structurally, they are equivalent to Class A Bricks, but are available at a fraction of the price of the same Class A brick.

As Concessions, they may have imperfections in the glaze, slight cracks, and some variability in colour. (Apologies, but we cannot cherry-pick orders for colour matching on concession bricks.)

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 10 × 6.5 cm


Single Cant Soft Red 65 Brick
(New Handmade)
55mm upstand