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Tumbled Reclamation Red Bricks PALLET 65mm £1680 per thousand

Tumbled Reclamation Red brick Pallet (New Handmade) : 65mm (Supplied per pallet)

Brick measurements: 230mm x 110mm x 65mm

Pallet Qty 500

(price per thousand £1560)

These handmade bricks are a traditional orange-red with an aged patina. They have been tumbled to soften edges and knock off corners giving them the appearance of a very old, rustic handmade brick like our Antique Tudor or Antique Ashbourne bricks.

These are new, handmade bricks that replicate the appearance of reclaimed bricks but are reliably available in larger quantities. They are frost-proof and made with authentic colouration and a distressed face for a convincing reclaimed look.

These are also available individually here

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£700.00 Excl. VAT (inc VAT)£583.33 (exc VAT)

Price Each Pallet
SIZE: 230mm L x 110mm W x 65mm H9” L x 4¼” W x 2½” H

9 in stock

UK wide delivery.
Collect from Watling Reclamation Yard

Welcome to Watling Reclamation, where we proudly present our Tumbled Reclamation Red bricks pallet. These meticulously handcrafted bricks exude the charm of tradition with their classic orange-red hue and aged patina. Through a meticulous tumbling process, the edges are softened and corners are gently knocked off, creating the appearance of weathered, rustic handmade bricks reminiscent of our sought-after Antique Tudor and Antique Ashbourne bricks.

Brick measurements: 230mm x 110mm x 65mm

Pallet Qty 500

Our Tumbled Reclamation Red bricks pallet offer the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern convenience. While replicating the appearance of reclaimed bricks, they are consistently available in larger quantities, ensuring a reliable supply for your projects. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of sourcing reclaimed bricks and embrace the ease of acquiring these new, handmade bricks that perfectly mimic their weathered counterparts.

Designed to withstand the test of time, our bricks are frost-proof, ensuring their durability even in harsh weather conditions. Crafted with authentic coloration, our bricks capture the essence of reclaimed bricks and showcase a distressed face that adds depth and character, achieving an authentic reclaimed look.

For residential, commercial, or construction projects seeking timeless appeal, our Tumbled Reclamation Red bricks are ideal. These bricks provide a reliable supply in larger quantities while faithfully replicating the charm of aged, rustic handmade bricks.

Why choose bricks from us?

At Watling Reclamation, we take pride in delivering top-quality building materials that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our Tumbled Reclamation Red bricks embody this commitment, offering a visually captivating option for architects, builders, and homeowners alike.

Explore our wide selection of bricks today and unlock a world of design possibilities. Our new, handmade bricks have a timeless appeal and a convincing reclaimed look. Additionally, they can transform your space by creating stunning facades, enhancing fireplaces, or adding character to accent walls. Experience the perfect blend of authenticity and convenience with our bricks.

These are also available individually here

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