Zinc Gas Fire Pit

Product Code: APG-018

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This contemporary slim gas fire pit comes from A Place in the Garden.

The zinc gas fire pit comes complete with the burner, lava rocks and all the sundries for installation. The Fire Pit can be fuelled by either Natural Gas or LPG (Bottled Gas) and is designed to produce a rich flame, emulating a natural wood fire.

The body of the fire pit is made from their signature hot Zinc dipped steel and comes with a Zinc top, giving the fire pit the ability to be used as an outdoor table. Please be aware due to the Molten dip galvanisation process that the top may have ripples in it and will not be perfectly flat.

Dimensions: 120cm wide 50cm deep and 35cm high // Weight 74 Kg (Base 25Kg, Top 49kg)

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Weight 500 kg


Slim Zinc Gas Fire Pit by A Place in the Garden

Elevate your outdoor space with our slim Zinc gas fire pit from A Place in the Garden. Crafted meticulously, this stunning piece enhances your ambiance and creates a cozy gathering spot for loved ones.

We believe in providing a hassle-free experience for our customers. Our zinc gas fire pit is a complete package, including the burner, lava rocks, and all necessary components. You can fuel this fire pit with natural gas or LPG, enjoying a seamless experience with a rich, wood-like flame.

The fire pit’s body is crafted from hot zinc-dipped steel, guaranteeing durability and longevity in any outdoor setting. The fire pit is equipped with a zinc top, which provides a stylish and functional surface. It also doubles as an outdoor table. In addition, during the molten dip galvanization process, slight ripples may appear on the top. However, these ripples are not a defect, but rather a sign of the fire pit’s handcrafted nature. In fact, these ripples enhance the individuality of each piece and make it truly unique.


With dimensions of 120cm wide, 50cm deep, and 35cm high, the slim gas fire pit makes a bold statement in any outdoor space. Despite its sleek design, this fire pit boasts a substantial weight of 74 kg, with the base contributing 25 kg and the top weighing 49 kg. This sturdy construction ensures stability and reliability, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the fire pit with peace of mind.

Create memorable moments outdoors. Imagine gathering around the mesmerizing flames of our contemporary slim gas fire pit, creating unforgettable memories with loved ones. Host a cozy evening get-together, toast marshmallows with the family, or unwind after a long day with our fire pit that creates memorable outdoor experiences.

Enhance your outdoor living space with our contemporary slim gas fire pit. Our fire pit combines sleek design, high-quality materials, and easy installation, serving as a captivating focal point for your outdoor gatherings. Embrace the warm ambiance, indulge in the rich flame, and create cherished moments that endure.