Roof Ridge Tile Enquiry

We have a large and varied range of reclaimed roof ridge tiles in stock in our yard in different materials, colours, styles and sizes, including red and blue clay triangular, roll top and crested ridges in various styles. To simplify the enquiry process, we invite you to submit the form below, which captures all the information we need to be able to respond to your enquiry efficiently.


Roof Ridge Tile Enquiry Form




    Please provide any other requirements or information that would help us to respond to your enquiry:

    Ridge Type & Colour

    We’ll need to know what type of ridge you are looking for and in which colour or material. Some examples of roof ridges are shown below to help you to identify some of the more common types. (There may be others so if yours isn’t shown, we may need to see a photo via email.)

    The joints between ridge tiles can be either open/uncapped (with no covering) or interlocking/capped (with an extra overlapping flange that protects the joint).

    Most of our ridges are either red or blue (it looks black/grey) clay, with some types also available in orange or buff clay, stone or concrete.

    Triangular or Plain Roof Ridge Tile
    Half Round Roof Ridge Tile
    Plain Crested Roof Ridge Tile
    Three Hole Crested Roof Ridge Tile
    Spike Top Crested Roof Ridge Tile
    Roll Top Roof Ridge Tile
    Hogs Back Roof Ridge Tile
    Two Hole Crested Roof Ridge Tile
    Club or Trefoil Crested Roof Ridge Tile
    Coxcomb Crested Roof Ridge Tile

    Ridge Angle & Roof Pitch

    Roof ridges come in different ridge angles (the angle at the top) which depend on the pitch (the angle at the bottom) of your roof. While there is some flexibility within 10 degrees or so, if you get the wrong angle for your ridge tiles, they won’t fit on your roof! Ask your roofer for your ridge and pitch angles (or use the formula below to work it out yourself) so we can check we have ridges in the right angle to suit your needs. We won’t be able to reply to your enquiry without this key information.

    How to Calculate your Ridge Angle

    Ridge Angle = 180 – (2 x Roof Pitch)

    Example for a roof with a pitch of 27.5°:

    180 – (2 x 27.5) = 125
    therefore the ridge angle for a roof with a 27.5° pitch is 125°

    Diagram showing the difference between ridge angle and roof pitch

    Length of Run

    We’ll also need to know how long the ridge run you’re trying to fill is. Reclaimed ridge tiles will vary in length. If there aren’t enough of the same length, we maybe able to combine different lengths to get the run required. This may seem odd, but by the time they are on top of the roof, you will often not be able to tell they are different lengths! We also feel that when using reclaimed ridges using a mixture of lengths is both historically appropriate and aesthetically pleasing.

    Additional Information

    Please give us any other relevant information that will help us to find the ridges you need.