If you are choosing natural stone outdoor paving slabs, it can be helpful to understand why not all paving slabs are equal!

Customers often ask us why our natural stone paving slabs are different to others. Also, what does tumbled, calibrated and riven mean? So let us try to answer some of your questions in this article.

What is tumbled paving?

Apart from one product (Black Limestone), ALL our Indian sandstone and limestone paving slabs are tumbled. Tumbled means that each slab is hand-cut then undergoes a process where it is gently tumbled in a rotating drum supported with granite sand and water. This process softens sharp and rough edges, giving it an attractive, aged appearance.

What are the benefits of tumbled paving?

Please note not all suppliers state whether their natural stone paving slabs are tumbled or untumbled. Untumbled paving slabs should generally be cheaper, so always check with your supplier.

What is the benefit of calibrated paving slabs?

Our range of Indian sandstone and limestone paving slabs are calibrated to either 22mm or 30mm. This means that each slab has been measured to ensure they are consistently of the same thickness. The benefit to you is that they are much easier to lay and keep level, saving you valuable time and ensuring a great finish. We generally recommend 22mm for patios, and 30mm for areas with heavier usage, such as driveways or carports.

The minimum thickness we stock is 22mm calibrated, so check you are comparing like-for-like when looking at thinner, uncalibrated paving slabs.

What are riven paving slabs?

Riven means it has a natural textured surface. Our sandstone and limestone paving is slightly rough and uneven to the touch. This subtle riven surface provides increased grip and character.

Where do we source our sandstone and limestone paving?

Our full range of sandstone and limestone paving slabs are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers in Rajasthan, Northern India. They are of a superior quality to the sandstone paving that is found in major chain suppliers, and will last decades longer.

More about our range of Indian sandstone and limestone paving

Our natural stone paving comes in a range of colours and thicknesses – from the warm hues of Sunset Buff Sandstone to the more contemporary cool greys of Kota Blue Limestone.

For more information or advice on our range of natural stone paving, contact our experienced team on 01327 811888 or email: sales@watlingreclamation.co.uk