Solid Oak Half Barrel Planter (Whisky Barrel)

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The Real Whisky Solid Oak Half Barrel Planter is sourced from distilleries, offering a truly authentic oak wood barrel that has previously been used to contain whisky.

  • Genuine whisky half barrel
  • Cut with a traditional circular saw
  • A great feature for any garden or patio
  • Ideal for use with a variety of plants including shrubs and trees

Dimensions: 45cm High x 75cm Wide

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Weight 150 kg


Real Whisky Solid Oak Half Barrel Planter, a truly authentic piece sourced from distilleries that has previously held whisky. Crafted from genuine whisky half barrel wood, this planter exudes rustic charm, enhancing gardens and patios.

The oak wood is meticulously cut with a traditional circular saw, preserving the barrel’s original shape and texture. This attention to detail ensures the planter retains its unique charm and authenticity.

With its dimensions of 45cm high and 75cm wide, this half barrel planter offers generous space for various plants, including shrubs and trees. Its generous dimensions make it a versatile option for creating captivating floral displays or adding greenery to outdoor spaces.

The Real Whisky Solid Oak Half Barrel Planter combines functionality and captivating aesthetics for gardens and patios. Its weathered appearance and genuine whisky barrel origin evoke a sense of history and craftsmanship.

Elevate your outdoor space with this remarkable planter, a testament to the beauty of repurposed materials and the allure of authentic whisky barrel craftsmanship. Let your plants flourish in this charming half barrel planter and enjoy the unique character it brings to your garden.

The Real Whisky Solid Oak Half Barrel Planter offers a multitude of uses for your gardening and outdoor needs:

Fill the half barrel planter with a variety of plants, including flowers, herbs, shrubs, or small trees. It provides a charming and rustic home for your greenery, adding natural beauty to your garden or patio.

Create a stunning container garden by arranging a combination of plants with different colours, heights, and textures in the spacious half barrel. This allows you to easily design captivating displays that can be changed or refreshed as desired.

The Real Whisky Solid Oak Half Barrel Planter itself becomes a captivating feature in your garden or patio. Its genuine whisky barrel origin and weathered appearance add a unique touch of history and character to your outdoor space.

Utilise the half barrel planter specifically for growing a selection of fresh herbs. Its ample size provides enough space to cultivate various herb varieties, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of having flavorful herbs right at your fingertips.

Use the planter as a versatile base for seasonal decorations. Fill it with seasonal flowers, ornamental plants, or even decorative items like pumpkins or ornaments to celebrate different occasions throughout the year.

Transform the half barrel planter into a small water feature by adding a fountain or water pump. This creates a soothing and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and unwinding in your outdoor space.

The Real Whisky Solid Oak Half Barrel Planter offers endless possibilities for enhancing the beauty and functionality of your garden or patio. Its charm, authenticity, and versatility make it a delightful addition for any gardening enthusiast or outdoor decor lover.