Wall Copings

Wall copings are as essential to protecting brick and masonry walls as roofs are to houses! Both serve the same purpose — to prevent water ingress and the risk of subsequent damage from frost damage (freezing/thawing) to both bricks and mortar. Unless your walls are less than 600mm high, they will need some protection from water run-off which can soak the sides of the wall causing staining and possibly damage as well. If you want your garden and retaining walls to last, good quality wall copings laid properly are a must.

Staffordshire Blue Wall Copings on a brick wall

Wall copings protect brickwork and masonry walls from water damage

We have probably the largest stock of reclaimed wall copings in the country with hundreds in stock including Staffordshire blue, red, buff, blue brick, and stone types. Our range includes saddleback, domed, parapet (railway/canal bridge), tapered, teardrop, triangular, flat, single/twice weathered, bullnose, semi-circular, bishop’s hat, and rustic copings, as well as Class A engineering bricks, single/double bullnose and cant bricks for soldier course brick copings.

We also have a range of reclaimed and new stone copings in Yorkstone, gritstone, limestone and Indian sandstone.

Because we stock so many varieties and sizes, they are not all listed online. So even if you can’t see what you’re looking for straight away, it is definitely worth sending us an enquiry as we may well have something that will suit your needs. We have created a specific Wall Copings Enquiry Form that captures all the information we need to be able to respond to your enquiry efficiently.

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