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Voussoir bricks for building brick arches

We stock unusual bricks like Voussoir bricks for building brick arches

We have a number of unusual bricks in the yard for specialised building applications. These include air bricks, frieze bricks, fire or storage heater bricks, and difficult-to-find gully bricks. We also have a set of wonderful reclaimed Voussoir bricks for building brick arches.

Frieze bricks- these attractive bricks add unique detailing to brickwork and garden walls in a header course. Air bricks circulate fresh air around timber joists and other parts of the property susceptible to condensation and damp damage.

Our extensive range of Brick Specials includes new (class A and concessions) and reclaimed bricks. Concessions are fully compliant with building regulations but have been purchased as seconds due to minor aesthetic imperfections, allowing us to offer them to customers at large discounts. Perfectly suited to hidden applications, these bricks fit seamlessly in non-standard and traditional decor.

We also have a supply of new, handmade brick specials. These are new, handmade bricks made in traditional moulds to replicate the appearance of reclaimed bricks. Consequently, they are reliably available in larger quantities. They are frost-proof and made with authentic colouration and a distressed face for a convincing reclaimed look.