Window Sills

Window sills built using bricks or stone are more durable than timber and are inherently superior, requiring little or no maintenance. Taking into account this longevity of the product, brick and stone are environmentally sound choices. Unlike timber, stone and brick also tend to improve in aesthetic appeal over time. We stock a range of new and reclaimed options for long-lasting and attractive windowsills for your build.

Special bricks like bullnose, calf nose, cant or plinth headers can create window sills to fit any size window. We have a good range of brick specials, both reclaimed and new, in red, blue and buff.

Brick windowsills should be pointed with a 3:1 mortar mix to repel water. Blue bricks are imperious to water so are ideal for windowsills. Red bricks can also be used but we recommend sealing with two coats of RBS Hardseal clear sealant when laid flat to protect the bricks from water.

We recommend an overlap of half a brick on either side of the opening for the best effect and an overhang of 75mm to direct water away from the masonry beneath.

We also stock specially made new Staffordshire blue sill bricks which include a built-in drip mould underneath (a groove cut into the underside of the brick to dispel water). For other brick types, a drip groove can be cut into the underside 15mm from the edge using an angle grinder with a diamond blade.

We can also produce to order custom-made stone window sills with stooled ends and drip grooves for any opening size in limestone or ironstone. (Please get in touch for pricing.)

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