Blue Brick Wall Copings

Like Staffordshire blues, blue brick wall copings are fired at high temperatures making them waterproof and therefore also frost-proof. Since they are only the size of a brick, they are usually laid as a soldier course flush with the sides of the wall and there is no overhang and therefore no protection from water runoff. This is really only suitable for low walls up to 600mm tall.

However, blue bricks can be used as copings on higher walls if used in along with plinth bricks or a layer of projecting roof tiles to create the necessary overhang to provide a drip that protects the wall below from water.

Our range of new and reclaimed blue brick wall copings includes straight engineering bricks, single and double bullnose and cant bricks as well as triangular and semi-circular (or half-round) brick copings.

Our new Class A engineering bricks are available in both classic Staffordshire blue and a blue/brindle multi blend.

Even if you don’t see the type of brick coping you need below, please do send an enquiry as not all our stock is listed online, and we may well have something to suit in the yard.

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