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Watling Reclamation offers an extensive range of reclaimed paving, perfect for adding character and sustainability to your outdoor spaces. Re-using paving not only helps the environment but also brings unique aesthetics to your project.

A reclaimed paving staple, Yorkstone flagstones are highly sought after for their historic charm. With origins dating back centuries, Yorkstone has been a staple in British architecture. Its natural durability and rich textures make it a prized choice for both traditional and modern designs. Each piece tells a story, adding timeless beauty to any setting.

Limestone is a popular stone in reclaimed paving, offering weathered aesthetics that enhance any garden or patio. Its natural patina develops over time, providing a sense of history and elegance. Limestone is also known for its strength and durability, making it a practical yet stylish choice.

Concrete paving is another excellent option. In reclaimed paving form, it offers a unique patina that closely resembles granite. This characteristic adds a sophisticated and aged look to your landscape. Concrete paving is durable and versatile, fitting seamlessly into various design schemes.

Re-using paving benefits the environment by reducing waste and the need for new materials. It also offers unmatched character and charm that new paving simply cannot replicate. Watling Reclamation’s range of reclaimed paving ensures you find the perfect match for your aesthetic and practical needs, creating a truly unique outdoor space.