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Lintels, Quoins & Steps

Lintels, quoins, and steps are essential architectural elements. Furthermore, they enhance the structural integrity and visual appeal of buildings, garden walls, and garden features. These components offer both functional and aesthetic benefits when crafted from contrasting stone colours. Moreover, this creates striking visual effects and highlight architectural details.

Lintels are horizontal supports placed above doors, windows, and other openings. They ensure structural stability while adding a decorative touch. Using a contrasting stone colour for lintels, such as a lighter limestone against a darker brick wall, can draw attention to these openings, creating a dramatic effect and emphasizing the architectural style.

Quoins are the external corner stones of buildings or walls, often larger and more pronounced than the surrounding masonry. They enhance the structural strength and provide a distinctive, elegant appearance. Contrasting quoins, using a pale granite against a deep-hued stone wall,  accentuates the building’s corners. Consequently, this adds depth and interest to the design.

Steps serve a practical purpose in both buildings and gardens, providing access and elevation changes. Using stones of contrasting colours for steps, like dark gritstone steps against a light sandstone terrace, enhances safety by clearly defining each step. In addition, this offers a visually appealing element.

In garden design, lintels are repurposed as stylish bench tops and bridge elements over small streams. Quoins used as decorative garden accents and boundary markers, create a sense of order and structure. Steps integrated into sloped gardens, create terraced planting areas and connect different garden levels seamlessly.

Using lintels, quoins, and steps with contrasting stone colours, designers create dynamic, visually appealing spaces, highlighting architectural features. Moreover, this enhances both buildings and gardens. These elements provide endless possibilities for creative and functional garden designs, blending tradition with contemporary flair.