Cast Iron Rainwater Hoppers


These reclaimed cast iron rainwater hoppers can help bring a vintage architectural charm to your home or help maintain an older rain management system. Our properties are an outward reflection of ourselves and, we believe, when curating that overall image it’s important to pay attention to the details.

Things to consider when selecting a rainwater hopper:

  • Designs: From plain square or rectangular hoppers, to ornate detailed designs, you can find a hopper that fits with the style of your house, or current rainwater system. Cast iron hoppers are also available for corner placement, ensuring there’s an efficient management of rainwater.
  • Sizing: If you have a cast iron rainwater system already and need a new hopper, this is where it pays to measure the existing ironwork. Water outlet size and shape is just as important as a hopper that looks good and fits in the gap of your old one.
  • Fitting: Equally important to the size and design of the rainwater hopper is the placing and spacing of the fittings. Bolt holes tend to be roughly similar between different hoppers, but how many, where they’re placed and the distance between them varies widely.

Cast iron hoppers were widely used in Victorian and Edwardian built houses and are still available today. They are a durable, long lasting and charming addition to a classic design new build, or will help refurbish an older property. By using our reclaimed rainwater hoppers, you’re also contributing to the sustainability of your project.

We have a wide selection of cast iron rainwater hoppers, it’s constantly changing so keep an eye on what’s available in the links below.

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