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Variety of Cast Iron Hoppers

A selection of cast iron rainwater hoppers are available to purchase in the yard. These are of a similar outward size but outlet pipe diameters may vary so please check before purchase.

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A Variety of Cast Iron Rainwater Hoppers adds a sense of quirky charm

Many old buildings make use of a variety of cast iron hoppers within their rainwater management systems. When supply is interrupted or changed, a hopper of a similar design would be used. These antique cast-iron hoppers are exquisite pieces of architectural heritage, offering both functionality and distinctive charm. Discover the long lasting elegance of these functional pieces. With the carbon cost of new cast iron hoppers, it makes sense to use reclaimed versions instead.

Decorative Past

Victorian architects, and even Edwardian, ensured cast iron hoppers displayed the date a significant house was built. A great many hoppers include a coat of arms within the cast, showing the historical connection to a particular family.


Crafted long ago with durable cast-iron, these rainwater hoppers have already lasted many decades and will last many more to come. It’s important to maintain these rainwater hoppers and doing so will ensure they not only do their job, but look good while doing it.

Historic Charm

Cast iron hoppers, sometimes called rainwater heads, will efficiently channel rainwater from your roof guttering to the building’s drainage system. Equally important, they will also add a touch of vintage elegance to your property.

Preserve Heritage

The cast-iron construction ensures longevity and resilience, making them ideal for preserving the historical integrity and original character of  your building.


By making use of our reclaimed rainwater hoppers, you’re contributing to carbon reduction from the process of manufacturing new cast iron hoppers.

Architectural Beauty

Discover the fabulous efficient beauty of our cast-iron rainwater hoppers. These are a classic choice for rainwater management that adds character to any historic home or classically designed new building.


Be sure to check the rainwater hopper fits your current cast iron system. You will find the sizes listed in the short description beside the hopper image. There are a huge variety of hopper shapes and sizes, but also bolt hole placement, drainpipe dimensions and shape.


These are reclaimed, very old, rainwater hoppers, sizes and shapes will show differences within wall thickness and roundness. Please note, some of these cast iron hoppers have suffered the ravages of time and poor maintenance, and may have some broken sections.

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