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Watling Reclamation offers a diverse range of floorboards to enhance any interior. Our collection includes reclaimed pine floorboards and reclaimed teak parquet flooring, each with unique benefits and aesthetics.

Reclaimed pine floorboards bring warmth and character to your home. They feature rich tones and natural grain patterns, adding a rustic charm. Pine is a softwood, making it comfortable underfoot and easy to work with. Its durability ensures long-lasting beauty, while its aged appearance adds instant history and elegance to any room.

Reclaimed teak parquet flooring, an alternative to floorboards, offers a sophisticated and timeless look. Teak is renowned for its exceptional hardness and resistance to wear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. The intricate parquet patterns add a touch of luxury and elegance, enhancing both modern and traditional interiors. Teak’s natural oils also make it resistant to moisture and pests, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

Using reclaimed materials like floorboards has significant ecological benefits. Reclaimed wood reduces the demand for new timber, conserving forests and reducing carbon footprints. It also repurposes materials that might otherwise end up in landfills, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At Watling Reclamation, our reclaimed floorboards not only offer unique aesthetics but also contribute to a greener planet. Choose from our range to add both style and sustainability to your home. Transform your space with the timeless beauty and eco-friendly benefits of reclaimed pine and teak floorboards.