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At Watling Reclamation, we offer a diverse range of new paving options to enhance your outdoor spaces. Our collection includes Indian Sandstone, Limestone, and Porcelain, each available in various finishes to suit different aesthetics.

Indian Sandstone stands out for its rich textures and vibrant colours. Available in tumbled, natural finishes, it can create anything from a sleek, modern look to a rustic, traditional ambiance.

Limestone new paving provides a smoother, more consistent appearance. Choose from finishes like hand-cut or machine-sawn to achieve either a contemporary or classic style. Moreover, its subtle colour palette brings a timeless elegance to any garden or patio.

Porcelain paving is prized for its durability and low maintenance. Additionally, this stone comes in a range of finishes that mimic natural stone, providing a sleek, modern aesthetic. A new paving solution, resistant to stains and weathering makes it ideal for high-traffic areas.

New Yorkstone offers unparalleled durability and a naturally beautiful appearance. Furthermore, its unique texture and colour variations add character and charm to any setting. In addition, Yorkstone is a long-lasting choice that withstands heavy use and weather conditions.

For those seeking new paving with an aged look, our replica Yorkstone delivers. Crafted from hard sandstone, it features an aged and weathered finish that replicates the timeless appeal of traditional Yorkstone, blending seamlessly with older properties or heritage sites.

Watling Reclamation’s new paving options ensure every project meets both functional and aesthetic goals. Transform your outdoor space with our versatile and high-quality stone selections.