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Here at Watling Reclamation, we are proud to offer an extensive range of bricks including reclaimed, new, hand-made, machine-made, engineering bricks and special bricks, giving our customers a huge variety to choose from to complete your project. To make things easier for you, we now have a brick display at the front of our shop so you can see the full range, individual and bulk prices as well as some information on each brick type.

Reclaimed and new bricks at Watling Reclamation

Just a part of the bricks in stock at Watling Reclamation

Bricks have been used for the construction of buildings since the earliest civilisations. In Northern Europe and Britain, they became the building material of choice in the Early Middle Ages, especially in areas where stone was scarce or difficult to access. During the Industrial Revolution, brick-making became cheaper and quicker as mechanisation took over from the traditional, handmade, mould-based methods. Today, most bricks are made using extruded clay cut by wires but some manufacturers still produce bricks the traditional way by filling moulds with clay by hand.

Reclaimed bricks are an environmentally sound choice as brick-making is an energy intensive process. Reusing them therefore saves the energy required to make new bricks. And, for listed buildings and conservation areas, reclaimed may be the only choice acceptable for planning permission.

For areas where reclaimed isn’t possible or necessary, new handmade bricks can replicate the appearance of reclaimed as they are made using traditional mould methods. They can provide an aged and rustic finish that blends well with existing brickwork. They also have the advantages of being frost-proof and reliably available in larger quantities, as well as having requisite test certifications.

We stock both handmade and machine-made bricks, as well as engineering bricks, brick specials (bullnose, calfnose, cant, squint and plinth headers and stretchers) as well as some rare and unusual reclaimed bricks like Voussoir arch bricks.

Please get in touch if you need larger quantities than are shown in stock — we may be able to source additional quantities for you.

Please note that all reclaimed bricks and roofing slates are exempt from our returns policy and therefore non-refundable. See full details here

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