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Worcester Red Wirecut 3″ (Reclaimed Machine-Made) Brick

Worcester Red Blend Wirecut 3″(Reclaimed Machine-made) bricks : approximately 76mm

Brick Measurements:   9¼” L x 4½” W x 3” H

These large, reclaimed bricks are a weathered soft orange-red with a characteristic wirecut surface. They will blend beautifully with local heritage properties needing a 19th century imperial brick for repairs, patching, extensions or garden walls.

Please note that all reclaimed bricks and roofing slates are exempt from our returns policy and therefore non-refundable. See full details here

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Due to the age, manufacturing processes and reclamation methods, all reclaimed building items will have some variation between individual items within a specific style. This could be a variation in actual size and angle, patination, colour, discolouration, as well minor cracks, chips and surface finish.

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Price Each
SIZE: 235mm L x 110mm W x 76mm H9¼” L x 4½” W x 3” H

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Discover the Timeless Appeal of Worcester Red Wirecut (Reclaimed Machine-made) Bricks

Our Worcester Red Wirecut (Reclaimed Machine-made) bricks offer a classic aesthetic that stands the test of time. With their approximately 80mm thickness, these bricks showcase a perfect blend of tradition and durability.

Crafted using a wirecut method, these reclaimed machine-made bricks boast clean lines and precise edges, adding a touch of sophistication to any architectural project. The distinctive red hue of Worcester Red bricks brings warmth and character to both contemporary and traditional designs.

Worcester Red Wirecut Reclaimed Bricks carry a captivating history that adds depth and character to any construction project. These bricks have stood the test of time, with origins dating back to an era when traditional brick-making techniques flourished.

Manufactured using a wirecut method, these bricks have been meticulously crafted to achieve their distinctive appearance. Each brick tells a story, showcasing the marks and imperfections that reflect the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Salvaged from old buildings, Worcester Red Wirecut Reclaimed Bricks carry the echoes of the past. They hold within them the memories and heritage of structures that have witnessed generations of life and history unfold.

These reclaimed bricks not only bring charm to your construction project but also contribute to sustainable building practices. By giving new life to these salvaged materials, you make an eco-friendly choice while preserving the history embedded within each brick.

The approximately 80mm thickness of the bricks ensures their strength and structural integrity, making them suitable for various applications, including walls, facades, and landscaping.

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