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Buff Multi Blend Bricks 70mm (New Handmade)

Buff Multi Blend bricks (New Handmade) : 70mm

Brick measurement: 225mm x 105mm x 70mm

These buff multi blend bricks are handmade using traditional techniques to replicate the appearance of reclaimed bricks. As new bricks, however, they have have the advantage of being reliably available in larger quantities. This blend includes a mixture of well-weathered buff, soft yellows and pinkish reds.

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SIZE: 225mm L x 105mm W x 70mm H8⅞” L x 4⅛” W x 2¾” H

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Buff Multi Blend Bricks (New Handmade) offer a stunning combination of tradition and convenience. These handmade bricks are crafted using traditional techniques to faithfully replicate the appearance of reclaimed bricks. However, as newly produced bricks, they provide the advantage of being readily available in larger quantities.

Measuring at 225mm x 105mm x 70mm, these bricks offer a versatile size for various architectural applications. The unique blend of colors in this mix includes well-weathered buff, soft yellows, and subtle pinkish reds. This diverse combination adds depth and character to any project, creating a visually captivating aesthetic.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, each brick captures the charm and authenticity of reclaimed bricks. The carefully chosen mixture of colors mimics the natural weathering process, resulting in a rich and aged appearance. These bricks bring a sense of history and character to any structure they adorn.

Buff Multi Blend Bricks (New Handmade) not only offer an authentic appearance but also provide practical advantages. Their availability in larger quantities ensures that builders and architects can easily source the desired quantity for their projects. This eliminates the challenges often associated with finding sufficient quantities of reclaimed materials.

Whether used for accent features, entire walls, or architectural facades, Buff Multi Blend Bricks (New Handmade) bring a unique blend of colors and textures to the forefront. The combination of well-weathered buff, soft yellows, and pinkish reds adds warmth and visual interest to any design scheme.

Choose Buff Multi Blend Bricks (New Handmade) to create architectural spaces that exude character, elegance, and a touch of natural weathering. With their blend of tradition, availability, and diverse color range, these bricks are the perfect choice for achieving a distinctive and visually striking finish.

These handmade bricks provide a timeless and enduring charm that complements both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

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