Block Paving

We stock both modern driveway and Indian sandstone block paving. Our black limestone setts are a favourite and make a brilliant edging to the matching limestone paving. Our Kandla Grey and Fossil Mint sandstone paving blocks are new this year and perfect to use as driveway blocks or to create pathways. You may come across our Raj Blend paving blocks called Raj Green elsewhere. These are a mixed blend and weather in beautifully.

Our British-made Staffordshire blue pavers are a cost-effective alternative to reclaimed blue pavers if you are aiming for a traditional look in a large area. These paving blocks are also available in red clay.

All block paving is suitable for driveways (when laid on a concrete bed), edgings, pathways and other pedestrianised areas.

We also stock Victorian blue stable pavers in chocolate bar, diamond and smooth finishes. View our full range of reclaimed victorian stable bricks on their product category page.

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