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105cm Four Seasons Putti Statues – Set of Four

This set of French statues features four putti adorned with seasonal produce, representing, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each statue measures 105cm tall. The sale price does not include the base.

Putti, (singular Putto) have featured in art and sculpture since the classical period, and traditionally take the form of chubby, naked male children, sometimes with wings. In English, the name is used interchangeably with cherub. . There was a resurgence in their popularity during the renaissance when they were used for decoration and to depict a narrative.

From Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Concertos to Chagall’s dream-like The Four Seasons painting, the changing seasons have inspired artists for centuries. In this set, spring holds a string of blossom, summer a bouquet of wheat, autumn a basket of fruit and winter gathers his cloak.



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