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Decorated Stone Urn with Lion Head and Draped Fabric

This arresting stone urn is adorned with a classic lion head and an elegant draped fabric.  Urns were frequently used as as a memorial and from the 18th century were used along pathways, to highlight vistas, in other decorative structures and in planting features.

The urn measures approximately 78cm tall by 49 cm wide and was made out of reconstituted stone at a quarry in the South of France.

This website has an interesting article on the history of vases in landscape design. The link takes you to an external website.

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SIZE: Approx. 78cm Tall

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Indulge in the captivating allure of our decorated stone urn, an exquisite masterpiece that seamlessly blends history, artistry, and sophistication. Adorned with a classic lion head, it exudes elegance and refinement through its elegant draped fabric.

Throughout history, urns have held great significance and were often used as memorials to honor the departed. Since the 18th century, magnificent urns have adorned pathways, serving as focal points that enhance breathtaking vistas. Incorporating them into decorative structures and planting features brings grandeur and aesthetic appeal to gardens and outdoor spaces.

Our meticulously crafted stone urn adds a substantial presence with dimensions of approximately 78cm tall by 49cm wide. Crafted from reconstituted stone meticulously sourced from a quarry in the South of France, this urn effortlessly captures the timeless beauty of natural stone. Not only does it boast an undeniable aesthetic appeal, but it also offers enhanced durability, thereby ensuring its longevity and resilience. Furthermore, with its exquisite design and sturdy construction, this urn becomes an ideal choice for those seeking a perfect balance of visual delight and long-lasting functionality. Its timeless appeal and robust build ensure that it will continue to enhance your outdoor space for years to come.

A Feature of Beauty

With its commanding presence, the urn becomes the centerpiece of attention, inviting admiration and sparking conversations. Whether gracefully positioned along a pathway, nestled among lush foliage, or strategically placed to frame a picturesque view, this urn emanates an undeniable aura of elegance and sophistication.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistic craftsmanship of our stone urn. Each detail has been carefully sculpted and refined, showcasing the skill and passion of the artisans involved. The embodiment of timeless beauty and enduring style, this urn is a testament to the lasting appeal of classical design.

Transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of grace and refinement with the addition of this magnificent stone urn. Let it stand as a testament to your appreciation for art, history, and the timeless allure of exceptional craftsmanship. Embrace the allure of our stone urn and create a captivating ambiance that leaves a lasting impression.

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