Glazed Honey and Classic Patina Handmade French Pot

These handmade French clay pots have been made using the traditional rope throwing technique that is thought to date back to ancient times. The jars are formed on a wheel and use rope and wood supports to hold their shape whilst they dry; you can see the imprint of the rope used on the inside of the pots (see photo we have taken).

Each piece is entirely unique and finished in a classical patina glaze that blends harmoniously with interiors and exteriors. The pots feature a glazed top, evocative of the jars used to transport food and grains in the 15th Century.

Small – 60cm tall by approx. 42cm wide at widest point
Medium – 70cm tall by approx. 52cm wide at widest point
Large – 80cm tall by approx. 56cm wide at widest point
Extra Large – 100cm tall by approx. 70cm wide at widest point

£360.00£780.00 (inc VAT)£300.00 - £650.00 (exc VAT)

UK wide delivery on Tuesday
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