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Nexus Projoint Porcelain Primer 20KG

Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer

A high performance priming slurry for porcelain paving

Approximate coverage per 20kg tub:  27.5m2 depending on the application method and paving porosity.

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Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer  

Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer is a flexible, ultra-high polymer and fiber modified primer that has excellent workability and adhesion properties.

Applied in a single coat it dries quickly and promotes adhesion and controls suction on difficult substrates such as porcelain, concrete, ceramic tiles, paving slabs, or setts. This then allows you to lay porcelain slabs or setts on a sand and cement bedding.

The powdered primer comes in two 10kg bags, which also makes it easy to mix in the included bucket with the simple addition of water.


  • Single coat application to the underside of paving
  • Enables the paving to be laid on sand and also cement bedding
  • Excellent workability and adhesion properties
  • Suitable for brush or roller application
  • This can be applied in low temperatures
  • Suitable for both internal or external use
  • Two 10kg bags contained are within the lidded mixing tub

Porcelain primer is without doubt an important part of the installation process for porcelain tiles. 

Here are some of the benefits of using porcelain primer:

  • Improved adhesion: Helps to improve the adhesion of the tiles to the substrate. This means that the tiles are less likely to come loose or therefore crack over time.
  • Prevention of efflorescence: Additionally Porcelain primer helps to prevent efflorescence, which is a white powdery substance that can form on the surface of porcelain tiles. Efflorescence is caused by the leaching of minerals from the tiles into the water in the substrate. Porcelain primer helps to seal the tiles and prevent the minerals therefore from leaching out.
  • Easy to apply: Porcelain primer is easy to apply. It can be applied with a brush or roller.

If you are installing porcelain tiles, it is important to use porcelain primer. What’s more Porcelain primer will certainly help to ensure that your tiles are installed properly and that they will last for many years to come.

Approximate coverage per 20kg tub:  27.5m2 depending on the application method and paving porosity.

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