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Terracotta Statue Shrouded Maiden on base

Reclaimed Terracotta Statue of Shrouded Maiden on base, measuring 66″ high overall.

This reclaimed terracotta statue was made by the Terrecotte Artistiche Senesi, a group of 20 Italian craftsmen working in San Giovanni d’Asso, a village in the province of Siena. Famous for its production of terracotta goods, over the centuries artisans from this region have passed down their knowledge from generation to generation, crafting authentic statues, sculptures and pots from the highest quality clay.

The pedestal measures 16″ high, with a 20″ by 17½” base.
The statue measures 50″ high with a depth of 15″.

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SIZE: 66" high

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Showcasing the exquisite Reclaimed Terracotta Statue Shrouded Maiden on Base, measuring a grand 66″ high overall

The Terrecotte Artistiche Senesi, a group of 20 talented Italian artisans from San Giovanni d’Asso, craft this stunning terracotta statue. Their exceptional craftsmanship and mastery of terracotta production have earned them a renowned reputation.With generations of expertise, they create authentic and exceptional statues, sculptures, and pots using the finest quality clay.

Standing atop a solid base, the statue measures 50″ in height with a depth of 15″. The base features a pedestal measuring 16″ in height, while its base dimensions span 20″ by 17½”. Every inch of this statue showcases meticulous attention to detail and the artistry honed through centuries of tradition.

Transform your garden, courtyard, or any space with the captivating presence of the Shrouded Maiden. This enigmatic figure radiates grace and mystery, inviting contemplation and curiosity. The reclaimed terracotta material adds a unique character and history to the statue, infusing your surroundings with depth and charm.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Italian craftsmanship and heritage by welcoming the Reclaimed Terracotta Statue of the Shrouded Maiden on Base into your space. Let it become the centerpiece that connects you to a rich artistic legacy, evoking timeless elegance and capturing the essence of enduring beauty.

Why choose this statue

Discover terracotta treasures, explore Italian craftsmanship, and embrace the captivating Shrouded Maiden. Welcome to a world where artistry and history intertwine.

Whether displayed in a garden, gracing the entrance of your home, or showcased in an art gallery, this Reclaimed Terracotta Statue of the Shrouded Maiden on Base offers an exquisite blend of artistic beauty and cultural heritage that will captivate and inspire all who encounter it. Experience the timeless elegance and enduring legacy that this remarkable statue brings to your space.

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